Sojourn Eyewear is a labor of love.

To be able to create a collection using our years of experience as a guide.

To select from the finest handcrafted materials and quality components.

To choose the most talented  artists to take our visions and put them to paper.

To have highly gifted CAD designers put precision and form to the design.

To have access to the tools and hands of true craftspeople in their workshops.

This is an experience to celebrate!

The perfect fusion ... Melding the beauty of the world of fashion and style with the precision of today's design technology. 

The result is fashionable, functional and, above all, comfortable collection of Polarized Sunglasses and Optical Frames reflecting the eclectic needs of the Global Community. 

Designed for today but Inspired by the Past and Looking Forward to the Future, Sojourn Eyewear is ever changing and constantly evolving to meet the needs of a generation of global explorers.

New York, London, Paris, Beverly Hills, Rio, Miami Beach, Venice, Silicone Valley, Amsterdam, Chicago, Tokyo, Hollywood, Milan...

Join us on our journey ... Here, There, and Every Wear

The styles shown below are a sampling of those we are considering for our first collection. Many of the frames will be available in both Rx and Polarized Sunglass versions.

Please let us know what you think by using the Contact page.